Who runs Wandle LETS?

Wandle LETS is run by volunteers who give their time to:- 

  • maintain the website and the database
  • discuss ways of stimulating and maintaining trading, and any social events 
  • consider any ways of publicising and promoting Wandle LETS
  • keep a proper record of funds received and spent in connection with the system
  • publish accounts each financial year, which ends on 31st August, for all members to view and ask any questions about 

Currently, we have the following serving officers:

CHAIRMAN  Angela Stroud

SECRETARY Susan Harrington


Any member may submit a suggestion or question at any time to the officers and may attend the AGM.

Is there a constitution?

Yes - See below



1.         Name and address

This unincorporated not-for-profit members’ club of people willing to trade among themselves (‘the association’) shall be called Wandle LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) and will be based at 3 Beaver Close, Morden, Surrey SM4 4NH


2.         Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of Wandle LETS are

a) To develop and encourage the experience of community in Merton & neighbouring boroughs through the establishment of a local exchange trading system.

b) To stimulate the creation of social and economic benefits by and for its members and the people of the locality of Merton & neighbouring boroughs.

3.         Membership

Membership is open without prejudice to any individual or organisation
sympathetic to the aims of the system, subject to restrictions that may be
applied by the Management Group in exceptional cases, such as for abuse of the system.

 4.         Subscriptions

a) A subscription (amount to be set by the association’s Management Group) will entitle a member to benefit from the date of joining until 31st August next following, or, if the date of joining is later than 31st March, to the 31st August of the following year

b) Renewal notice shall be sent to the last known address of each member at least 2 weeks before it is due.

Membership will cease if the subscription due is not paid by December
31st.  In that event, any former member will be required to apply again for membership.


5          Association Officials

a) The association’s Management Group will include a Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer, who will serve for one year at a time.

The Management Group will be elected annually by the members in
General Meeting, by a simple majority of those present.  Any member of the retiring Management Group may stand for re-election, and any other
member may also stand for election.  All candidates should be sponsored by two other (unrelated) members.  Any two members may move a resolution at any General Meeting to remove the Management Group or any
member thereof, and elect a replacement, such a resolution to be carried by a
simple majority of those present

b) The Management Group may invite any member to undertake tasks
relevant to the day to day administration of the association, such as
publicity, fundraising, social events and maintenance of the association’s

c) In the event of one of the Management Group being unable or
unwilling to continue to serve, the remaining members may fill the vacancy
temporarily as soon as practicable. 
Meanwhile, the Management Group may continue to function until the next Annual General Meeting.

d) The functions of the primary association officials may be summarized as follows:


The SECRETARY deals with membership applications, passing applications and payments to the Treasurer.  The secretary may, by consensus with others who are Management Group members for the time being, influence the content and presentation of the association’s newsletters.  This will also be true of
any events arranged by the association on its own account or in concert with
other affiliated associations or bodies.


The TREASURER will keep the financial records of the association. He/she will send out renewal notices as needed.  He/she will keep the other Management Group members and the membership fully informed as to the financial health of the association and the financial implications of any Management Group
decision.  The treasurer may, by consensus with others who are Management Group members for the time being, influence the content and presentation of the association’s newsletters.    This will also be true of any events arranged by the association on its own account or in concert with other affiliated associations or bodies.


The CHAIRPERSON will generally co-ordinate the work of the other Management Group members, and, by consensus with others who
are Management Group members for the time being, influence the content and presentation of the association’s newsletters.  This will also be true of
any events arranged by the association on its own account or in concert with
other affiliated associations or bodies.


The association’s Management Group shall meet every 3 months, or at such shorter or longer interval as seems appropriate, to hear reports on the association’s financial and membership status, to plan future events, consider fundraising needs, to compose the association’s newsletter and arrange for publishing a directory of members, their offers and wants, and contact details.

6          Behaviour of members

a) Members shall at all times conduct themselves in harmony with the equal opportunities policy adopted by the association’s Management Group and shall
not bring the association into disrepute

b) Any member consistently failing to abide by this rule may have their membership of the association terminated by the Management Group, following written warning, and the Management Group's decision shall be final

7          Finance

a) The sterling accounts of the association shall be maintained by the Treasurer in accordance with current accounting standards and statute.

b) The treasurer will publish annual accounts at the end of October each year for circulation to the membership, who shall be entitled to raise any reasonable
question thereon.

c) The association’s financial year runs from November 1st of one year to October 31st of the next.

d) No member of the Management Group shall receive any financial benefit from performance of their duties, except for the reasonable
reimbursement of expenses incurred.

8          Dissolution

 a) The Management Group may determine to dissolve the association, after consulting with the membership by a postal ballot.

b) In that event, the remaining funds held on behalf of members shall, after paying any debts, be distributed to a group or association of a similar nature.

This body of rules and constitution was adopted by members of the Management Group of Merton LETS
(predecessor body) present at a meeting held at Guild House, Worple Rd SW19 on 5th October 2004


 No member shall discriminate against another, or be discriminated against, on the basis of age, disability, colour, race, gender, creed or sexual orientation.

No use of defamatory, racist or abusive language by any member will be tolerated.  Nor will harassment or intimidatory behaviour of any kind.

The above policy is in harmony with, and in support of, the aims and objectives of the association.


This policy was adopted by the core group of Merton LETS (predecessor body) on Wednesday, Sept 1st, 2004

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